Quick Attach Hinge

After 70 years in the fence business, we developed and patented an innovative solution to a fence installation problem. Dumpster Enclosures typically have heavy gates that must be hinged to deeply embedded 6-10 foot tall posts. Gates were factory fabricated with ring hinges. Once delivered to the site, the gates had to be lifted 6-10 feet by heavy equipment so that the hinge rings could slide over top of the posts. If forklift rental was not possible, the gates were delivered without hinges. The rings were then welded on-site by placing metal collars around the posts and then welding them onto the gates. Both practices were time consuming, clumsy, and unsafe in windy conditions. These problematic variables led us to invent the Quick Attach Hinge. The Hinge is powder coated to match client colors and requires only a short ladder for installation. No Welding Professionals, No Heavy Equipment, No Repainting of the welded area. The Hinges slide over the posts and are bolted onto the gates. That simple. Gate Hanging can now be done in less than an hour without on-site welding and painting.

How it Works

Quick Attach Hinge Advantage

  • Save Time

  • Easy Installation with a ladder

    • No In-Field Welding or Heavy Equipment Rental
  • Easy Replacement when damaged by a truck

  • Weather Ready: Powder-Coated to match company colors

  • Custom Gates also available

Complete Dumpster Quick-Pack Solution Includes:

Quick Attach Hinges Qty.2
Post & Post Caps Qty. 2
Custom Fabricated Custom Color Powder Coated Gates Qty. 2
Drop Stop Qty. 1
Lock Qty. 1

Dumpster Enclosure Measurements

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