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Powder Coat Finishes

Finish Your Metal Piece with a Hard and Durable Power-Coat in any color that you might require. Our Ovens can accommodate gates up to 45 feet long and 10 feet tall.

Welding & Forging

Our Experienced Team of Welders have the equipment and skill set to fabricate¬†anything that you might need. On-site Bender, Forge, Lathes, Drill Presses, welding torches, hammers, anvil, etc…

Waterjet Precision Cuts

РMachines a wide range of materials from metals, composites, glass, stone, and plastics. Cuts to 1/16,000 Inch, 5x10ft Sheets, Up to 4 Inch Thick.

– Leaves behind a satin-smooth edge, reducing secondary operations

– Does not create heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses

HEBO Wrought Iron Machine

The multi-functional HEBO system can: Twist, Endforge, Scroll, Emboss, Texture, Hammer Tube, Make Baskets, and Press Belly Pickets. The HEBO system is designed and built by German blacksmiths for the Ornamental Iron and Aluminum industry

Plasma Cutter

High Performance Plasma Cutter for all Metals including Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel. Sheets up to 5 ft x 10 ft, up to 1 /2 Inch in Thickness.

Metal Plate Roller

Sheet Metal and Light Plate Bending Roller for quality controlled metal ring, cylinder, and cone fabrication. Capable of working with Sheets 4 ft Wide and up to 3/8 Inch Thick.


Steel Plate Capacity

1/8″ Thick – 10’Max
3/16″ Thick – 10′ Max
1/4″ Thick – 8′ Max

Aluminum Plate Capacity

1/8″ Thick – 10’Max
3/16″ Thick – 10′ Max
1/4″ Thick – 10′ Max

Stainless Steel

By the case

Tolerance +/- .0625″

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